1400-1600 elo, Puzzles

S. Grogoriants – M. Carlsen

Black to play and force a draw. Can you find the move?

Solution: Kh1! 

Grogoriants quickly sets up a stalemate by 69.Qxe3, but there is no win: 69.b8Q Qe6+! 70.Qg4 (70.Kh4 Qg4+!)70...Qe3+ 71.Qbg3 leads to a checking sequence: 71...Qh6+ 72.Q4h4 Qe6+ 73.Qgg4 Qe3+ 74.Qhg3 Qh6+. And after 71.Kh4 Qf2+ 72.Kh5 Qf7+ 73.Qg6 Qf3+ 74.Kh6 Qf4+ or74.Kg5 Qg3+ the stalemate cannot be avoided.