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Knight Vs 7th rank passed pawn - The bishop's pawn

Knight Vs 7th rank pawn - The bishop's pawn

Every Monday, during our online chess training, an endgame theme will be presented.

In this lesson we will analyse how the knight can fight against a 7th (or 2nd) rank passed pawn.

Knight Vs central pawn or bishop’s pawn

In the diagram position, the knight cannot get in front of the pawn. White has to choose between 1. Ne2+ (green arrow) and 1. Nd3+ (red arrow). Which move is the correct one?

The right move is 1. Ne2+ The knight must control the promotion square from the side.

White has two ways to draw the game. One is to capture the pawn and the other is to stop it. The knight must stand on e2, c1 or a2 (the green squares). If the knight is driven off this circuit, the pawn will promote.

Now, there are two candidates moves for black. The 1st one is: 1....Kd1 2. Kc3+ Kd2 3. Na2 =

The knight is standing now on a2 controlling the promotion square.

And the 2nd possible move could be: 1....Kd2 2. Nd4!! c1=Q 3. Nb3+ =

This is also a draw.

Remember:  The knight can stop a 7th rank passed pawn on any of the 4 central files, only if it can stand on the right circuit (here, the a2, c1 or e2 squares)


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