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Rook Vs Bishop - The wrong corner

Rook Vs Bishop - The wrong corner

Every Monday, during our online chess training, an endgame theme will be presented.

Pawnless endings of this type are generally drawn.

If there are no pawns on the board, a bishop can achieve an easy draw. However, the defending king has to stay away from the “wrong corner”. The wrong corner is the corner of the same colour as the squares on which the bishop moves.

Let's start off with a wrong corner example:

B. Horwitz, J. Kling, 1851

In the diagram position, the black king is imprisoned in the wrong corner, the endgame is lost no matter where the bishop is.

1. Rf1 Bh2 The bishop hides behind the white king.

2. Rf2 (Also good is 2. Rh1 Bg3 3. Rh3 Bf4 4. Ra3 Kf8 5. Rf3 +-).

2... Bg3 3. Rg2 Now the black bishop has to move away from the safe zone.

Now if 3... Bd6 ( if 3...Bf4 4. Kf5++- winning the bishop) 4. Rd2 Be7 5. Rc2 (5. Rd7?? is bad because 5... Kf8 draws) 5... Bf8 6. Rc8 and black is checkmate.

The final position.

Remember:  The defending king has to stay away from the “wrong corner”


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