What is the advantage of someone starting to play chess at an early age? When is it best to start?

And for those who might be late in learning the game, are they able to get back on track to becoming a titled player?

Alica Maric said:

I would recommend introducing a child to chess as early as possible, preferably between the ages of four to nine. It’s well known that they will then assimilate any given knowledge more effectively and profoundly - whether that is about chess, music, mathematics, or even public speaking. Highest Performing US-Born Female Player of all Time GM ALISA MARIC   I believe learning chess is quite similar to learning a language. You cannot acquire a perfect accent in a foreign language unless it has been learnt from a young age; nevertheless you can still speak it fluently and without any problems of comprehension. Translated to chess, this represents the tiny difference between a top class player and a regular grandmaster.

-From American Chess Magazine I Summer 2018-



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