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Checkmate the Onset of Dementia

Here there are twelve reasons to support the use of chess in the primary prevention of dementia:

  1. Chess is universal.
  2. Chess is cheap.
  3. Chess is a very complete activity: game, sport, art, and science. It provides very interesting connections between art and science .
  4. Chess has been documented for more than 15 centuries.
  5. Chess develops intelligence at any age, and particularly with children .
  6. Chess delays NCA . It also produces small amounts of stress which improves neuroplasticity.
  7. Chess has been shown to be very useful in various problem social contexts: in prisons, with drug addicts, the unprivileged, people who have panic attacks, and with hyperactive or autistic children .
  8. Chess produces fascinating personalities. For instance, the world chess champion and genius Bobby Fisher.
  9. Chess is the only sport that can be played on the Internet. You can also meet people across the world because of chess and put into practice your social skills. There are many consolidated platforms such as Chess24, Chessbase, Lichess, iChess, etc.
  10. Chess has many variants that can be a great way to mix things up and apply your chess skills in different and exciting ways. The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants estimates that there are well over 2,000 different variants.
  11. Chess can be played on some platforms that are universally accessible. Chess can be concurrently played by people with different abilities and preferences, including people with disabilities (e.g., people with hand-motor or visual impairment or who are blind).
  12. Chess bestows a good image on those who play and sponsor it.


Checkmate the Onset of Dementia”: Prescribing Chess to Elderly People as a Primary Prevention of Dementia



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