Upcoming Tournaments

Upcoming Tournaments

A list with upcoming chess tournaments in Luxembourg, France and Germany.


Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 May: 2nd Schengen Youth Championship Chess for Peace - This tournament brings players from abroad. The tournament will take place in Echternach and it is a FIDE rated tournament. INFO
Saturday 2 May: Team championship Rapid U20, in Differdange. 
Sunday 3 May: Rapid Echecs U20 Individual, in Differdange.
Sunday 7 June: Open in Mondorf by age category.   


30-31 May - 1 June: Open de Champagne - Reims. This is during school holiday. 2 tournaments: Open A (Tournoi Principal) for everyone, and Open B (Tournoi Espoir) for players < 16 years old and < 1400 ELO.  This is a FIDE rated tournament. INFO
11-13 April: Open International de Pâques, in Saint-Dié les Vosges (near Epinal). There are 2 FIDE rated tournaments. Open A (ELO 1500-2199) and Open B (<1600), FIDE rated tournament. INFO
11-13 April: Open de Paques, in Givet (it’s in France, at the border with Belgium). 2 tournaments: 1 main one, and 1 for beginners (tempo 50min+10s), FIDE rated tournament. INFO 


9-13 April: Grenke Chess Open. This is a HUGE tournament in Karlsruhe. If you are lucky, you can meet Magnus Carlsen there. FIDE rated tournament. INFO



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