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chess star is rising

A new chess star is rising!

Damian Gatcan is the Champion of Luxembourg for 2020 in the category under 8 years old. Damian won the title after scoring 6 points in 7 games. He is the 1st champion of our chess club.

Great performance also from: Ioan Gicquel who took the 4th place in same category, Mihai Salomeia who finished 4th in the category under 12 and Vlad Onea who finished 5th in the same category.

22 young players from Chess Stars participated in the "Championnat des Jeunes 2020" which took place from 18 to 26 January in Differdange.

U14 (1 player)

Santini Ettore

U12 (7 players)

Salomeia Mihai
Onea Vlad
Piocel Alann
Berger Oskar
Stammet Barros Th
Sopa Edvinas
Sopa Dominikas

U10 (8 players)

Bali Aaryav
Bali Ayanna
Berger Marcel
Banys Nojus
Trapani Luigi Alexandros
Sortikos Phivos
Jacquemin Maxim
Antoniou Alexandros

U08 (6 players)

Gatcan Damian 6/7
Gicquel Ioan
Sorras Arsenios
Sorras Athanasios
Jacquemin Felix
Seth Aayush



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