Chess Trainer

Alex Sorras

F.I. Alex Sorras

SORRAS Alex Licensed Chess trainer 
FIDE Instructor, ECU School Chess Teacher, ECU Chess and Mathematics Teacher

Alex Sorras is a highly experienced youth chess trainer with a teaching experience of more than 25 years. Chess training is his main occupation.

He lives in Luxembourg since 2000 and he works as a chess trainer in public schools and in chess clubs. He is qualified FIDE instructor and he teaches chess in private and public schools in Luxembourg and in a number of local chess clubs. His students every year win cups and medals in all competition tournaments of Luxembourg and many of them are members of the National Team training groups. For the period 2019-2021 he is being nominated member of the Social Fide Commission.

He takes part in chess conferences throughout Europe and is qualified to train new trainers. He is always keen in new chess theories related to the pedagogical usefulness of the chess game.

Regarding the Bonnevoie chess club he firstly started his chess activity as a chess player. After a while he organised chess lessons in the club once per week. The success of the chess lessons was such that the number of participants significantly increased and due to the high demand he organised chess lessons three days per week according to the different levels. From these lessons new talents have been discovered that successfully participated in local tournaments and some of theme joined the national team.

Apart from chess, he has university qualification in public health sector, with partial studies in psychology. He speaks many languages and his overall educational and cultural background permits him to establish a very good communication with his students.

 His credo

The game of chess is too complex to be just a "game"; is rather a sport or even an art! The pleasure it gives and the relationships between human’s beings that builds are of the strongest benefits to motivate someone to play chess. I strongly believe that this game can give to each person something different in relation with his personality and needs.

 His motto

The game of chess is really not only an educational tool, sport or art, but a continuous learning process for the whole life!